Interviews | Events | $10.68 Next page. You will receive what is pictured. Great for not just bass, but stripers, trout, walleye and pike. Not rocket science! The paddle tail on many of them is too thin and folds back, causing failure to kick. Rigged weedless on Owner's Flashy Swimmer. Like all of the company's soft plastic baits, the Rage Swimmer is infused with a coffee scent more of a way to mask human scents and oils than as a fish attractant. Once rigged, casting and retrieving of course, moves much like any other paddletail swimbait. I've found that the clam shell on the tails gets smashed easy and messes up the tails just as bad as if they were not in a clam shell, but we still pay the extra money for the clam shell packaging. The Fat version of the Swing Impact is noticeably thicker than its predecessor which allows anglers to present a larger profile bait and suits many rigging methods. Rigging your Rage Swimmer on an underspin is one of the best ways to accomplish this. But I got tired of losing fish from the lighter jigheads "flexing" all the time. These are made of a much tougher plastic which means it's going to have a different action that the swing impact. They are far more durable. This bait type is taking over the trailer market but they're also being used as search baits. I don't see these as direct competition to keitech a but instead as something to complement the swing impact. I will admit I was a Keitech guy always using a light wire jighead. google_ad_height = 600; Comments: I fish both the Keitechs and the rage swimmers. You'll find more information on cookies at. I personally prefer the rage swimmer over the keitech. GREAT The first is the size and shape popularized by, I first started fishing Strike King's Rage Swimmer as a brand matching swimbait tail attached to the company's. Comments: Let me start by saying I am a huge strike king fan. If you want to catch one fish go Keiteck. Very comparable to Keitech (another of my favorites). Comments: love these lures on swimbait heads in the fall, less colors and sizes than keitechs but they are a bit more durable, the white ones didn't get bit by anything besides snapping turtles (which will destroy these things) but the green pumpkin ones caught a ton of fish for me, plus they are better swim jig trailers as the give the jig more body roll (tip from tactical bassin) and they're cheaper! Leurre Souple Fox Rage Pro Shad Natural Classic Ii - 28Cm (3 avis) ... Leurre Souple Berkley Power Swimmer Soft - 9.5Cm - Par 6 (1 avis) 7,99€ Dès 5,44€ Prix public conseillé : 7,99€ Voir le produit -34 %. That is not a bad thing, it just means you are showing the fish something different. Its sleek nose cone and softly ribbed body closely replicate the contours found in nature, and its thin, pancake-like tail pumps out frantic vibrations at any speed. The bait's consistency is soft enough to let the bait swim in what appears to be a natural motion but dense enough to where it will usually last more than one bait per fish. The baits are packaged in the usual clear plastic Especially the underspin with a slow retrieve. 57. From: Brian: Albany, OR 11/7/19, Comments: The "Blue Bug" has been a really effective trailer for me at night on a spinnerbait. Rating Bad Good. It has also become my favorite cold water chatterbait trailer. clamshell with molded cavities each holding one bait, Strike King Rage Swimmer If that's enough to get you switch brands, or if you're brand loyal and have been waiting for Strike King to offer something similar, all those options and scenarios are out there. The big keeper size bucks where up and smash'em like crazy. The 3” works great on a small Super Round jig head and the dropshot. I still caught a few fish with them but it's a confidence thing for me. I fish them on Squadron Heads alone, or on the back of the Tour Grade Swim Jig. That said I was very disappointed in the swimmers. $5.79 $ 5. What fish can't resist a tasty little morsel swimming around by its lonesome? Fox Rage. so i did it again with a 1/8 and it started to move a bit but nothing compare to keitechs. There are two that currently dominate the market. Terminal Tackle | I'd say it's about the same. I have more confidence in the Rage swimmers great scent and great action highly recommend. $5.38 - $15.54 Keitech ES4420 Artificial Fishing Bait, Pro Blue Red Pearl, 4" 4.9 out of 5 stars 16. The channel at the top of the bait helps to conceal the hook point when rigged while still allowing you to fish the bait weedless. Offered in a range of rod-bending colors, the Strike King Rage Swimmer delivers industry-leading performance that is “out-rage-ously” effective. There is a time and place for both. At all retrieval speeds, the superior action and performance of the Rage Tail Rage Swimmer surpasses all others. I get about two more fish per bait with the new Rage Swimmer and you get an extra swimbait by going with Strike King in comparison (4.75" vs 4.8"). no action, no tail movement, no shimmering. The only reason I have Keitechs as well is for some of the different colors. It is the latter which is now subject of the fishing industry's sincerest form of adulation and flattery. My biggest northern bass on a rage swimmer is a 7-2 largemouth. Designed to provoke an immediate reaction, the Strike King Rage Swimmer looks great out of the water, and even better below the surface. These not only have great scent, but they hold onto hooks very well. Specifications, Introducing Strike King's Rage Swimmer paddletail. google_color_link = "006699"; 4.6 out of 5 stars 574. Write a review. KEITECH innove sans arrêt car il y a dans l’ADN de la marque la volonté d’être toujours meilleure non pas par rapport aux autres marques mais tout simplement au bord de l’eau. I love the action behind them and the colors, but i wish the clam shell itself was more durable. I'll not buy any more of these without first putting my eyes on the thickness of the paddles. The Rage tail baits are great producers and we're a genuine design, but aside from that I haven't been too impressed with much of anything from Strike King. Condition is New. It is the latter which is now subject of the fishing industry's sincerest form of adulation and flattery. Better than keitechs, the salt content and squid scent makes keitechs slide down on your hook and they tear very easily, Comments: I have this pond of mine that I have been using the zoom speed worm on and caught multiple 1-2lbers I whooped out the BLACK AND BLUE CHATTERBAIT WITH AN ELECTRIC SHAD RAGE SWIMMER and slayin 3-5lbers all day keep in mind this pond has 1ft visibility (kinda dirty in my opinion) when it is cloudy I get best bites, also this pond is less than an acre water space and full of vegetation around the banks and shallow ends, I encourage other anglers to try this technique. Newest Items First; Sort Alphabetically: Z to A; Sort by Price: Low to High; Sort by Price: High to Low; Sort by Popularity; 100 Per Page. Keitech Swimbaits Keitech Swimbaits Spring 2020 - Great New Colors added in almost every Style and Size on the Easy Shiner, … Rage Swimmer 3-1/4" Swimbait by Strike King. Jan 25, 2018 - Warning - CA Prop 65 Delivering advanced versatility and a wide-reaching attraction, the Strike King Rage Swimmer provides anglers with universal appeal that can be utilized with a wide-range of tactics. Comments: Best ribbed style swimbait out their. i tested this out on a pegged texas rig with a 1/16 ounce and let it drop freely into the water. Keitech was established in 1996 by Kei Hayashi, one of Japan's top bass fishing professionals. Comments: I bought several packs to use as trailers on chatterbaits and swim jigs. the bait. You also don't need a huge variety of colors, the ones available are really the ones you need with the addition of a dark color for muddy or dirty water situations. Introduction: With each passing year it seems more and more paddletail swimbait options hit the market and more and more anglers use them to tip their spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, 'bama rigs, vibrating jigs, underspins, etc. 3 3/4" Strike King Rage Swimmer - 14 Pack. Very disappointing. This preserves the shape of each bait and protects the tail from getting bent or deformed which will affect performance. Continue. Top quality construction is embelished with the Keitech Fat Swing Impact background and the Keitech Logo. Comments: Have used 2 baits 3 days in a row in Michigan. Strike King Rage Swimmer 4.6 out of 5 stars 514. Keitech Fat Swing Impact 4.7 out of 5 stars 399. Currently available in four sizes and infused with the masking scent of coffee, the Rage Swimmer shares a similar profile to the Swing Impact FAT, but the rings around the bait are less like rings and more like ribs. Ratings The one thing I can say is Strike King's Rage Swimmer works and sometimes, it's nice to have options. Pêche sportive : pêche aux leurres, pêche à la mouche, carnassiers, truite, mer. Impressions: Strike King's Rage Swimmer comes in a very familiar paddletail swimbait profile. You can use them as a swim jig or chatterbait trailer or on a underspin. Note: HTML is not translated! Strike King Rage Swimmer. I rig these on chatterbaits, swimjigs, texas rig, and i mainly put them on belly weighted swimabait hooks. Is Strike King's New Swimmer All The Rage? You're talking mass produced vs massively produced. I will stick with the Keitech brand. Comments: Awesome swimbait or chatterbait trailer! hook, so if you want to fish the bait weedless, a wide gap hook of some sort I have had zero issues with the action of the rage swimmer. You can fish this bait in so many ways and it has unbeatable action. sticking with my keitechs. Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic Blade Minnow, Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic Caffeine Shad 5" 8pk, Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic Swim'n Caffeine Shad, Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Caffeine Shad Jr. 8pk, Copyright © Tackle Warehouse. (?/10), Strike King's Rage Swimmer is yet another effective option in the In my experience Strike King doesn't have near the quality control of Keitech or any other high end Japanese hard or soft bait manufacturer for that matter. Critters, Fish Snax Dropshot Fly, ... Dowz Swimmer, Gantarel , ... olihně, jehož použití je nesmírně účinné při chytání okounů, candátů, Å¡tik i pstruhů. Given the similarities, is it any more or less effective than other baits of this type I've fished? Comments: My first experience with these was great. Rage swimmers … I use the Keitechs as well, but they are too oily. Comments: Great swimbait, the action is awesome even on a very slow retrieve with a weighted EWG hook. Of course, results vary depending on the fish and how they hit it. The one thing I can say is Strike King's Rage Swimmer works and sometimes, it's nice to have options. You cant beat the thump that these baits provide. No. imagine fishing this weightless lol. The back end of the bait is very pliable lending itself well The bottom channel isn't really deep enough for the bait to collapse over your hook, so if you want to fish the bait weedless, a wide gap hook of some sort is recommended. From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 3/18/20. google_ad_format = "120x600_as"; When this happens, dont throw it away, you can use it on a dropshot and it would look similar to the yoto worm. They lasted better than some other brands but do not expect one to last more than three good fish fights. Autopsy,