Let us hope that Jean-Claude Biver , recently appointed CEO , may put the brand back in the right track by hiring the right designers to revive the brand’s glory. Oops, I meant Nautilus. Play video. My Swiss trained and incredibly talent watch maker friend tells me Pateks movements are not special at all but give credit to the Stern family for continuing to fool everyone. It’s worth keeping an eye on some brands that go through interesting phases, and that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be one of these smaller, independent brands I just mentioned. It is $800 retail, and I will find it on Ebay for about $450) I like the price points because I am able to have a complete collection of Bulova watches. Funny, a handmade Patek? I am not talking about the annual price increases that many brands are carrying through with, using all sorts of lame excuses. the MBR 100 & 200 – Rieussec. Especially if you paid list price, you are going to take a severe hit if you want to sell it soon after you bought it. You just lost my respect!! I have a Gucci watch purchased in 1991….pristine condition….wondering if they increase in value. Within the last five years, the market price of this particular model has increased quite a bit and my feeling is that it still has not reached its peak. Regards, Normally off different companies. Winner 2 Color Sport Style Leather Strap Automatic Watch Date Display Mens Watches Eddie. The bonus of course is that they will hold their value well and in some cases even appreciate in value. Not only are they Swiss Made but their specs and workmanship are second to none and yet they can be acquired at a very reasonable price. There are two answers here, of course, the short version and the long version. I have purchased over 50 watches on Ebay, and have never had a problem. I wouldn’t turn my nose up on an Omega Presidential however, but I digress. There are a lot of strange misconceptions by “speculators” that watches are not luxury items any more but a piece of investment or even more so a piece of speculation. You do realize that Bulova is owned by the Japanese? It is my understanding that the 137 movement was subsequently sold to Ulysse Nardin and renamed. Parts will only be produced for that specific watch and one time only.. the next service will imply the same procedure.. mind-bottling! Fashion Curren Men Date Stainless Steel Leather Analog Quartz Sport Wrist Watch Brown Will I be kicking myself for not purchasing a few and tossing them into the safe? If you take that into account, there are a number of watch brands that will give you a decent chance on increasing your watch’s value over time. We would have to look more closely into which specific models from such brands are most in demand. Eddie, what a terrible comment. Now I can’t afford to replace it! Been my beater watch since then. Rolex is, of course, one of those brands that is highly in demand (by both watch enthusiasts and non-watch enthusiasts); has a wonderful heritage, including an impressive list of celebrities and VIPs that wear and have worn Rolex watches; has a high level of recognition; and is widely available. In the best case, there will be a certain model that may increase in value, but never all watches from a brand. Still have two that are running strong. I still have that watch. Have a careful look at the brand and you’ll see what I mean. Now, if you can find a nice one, you’ll have to pay just under $3,000 to get it on the the pre-owned market. They were only 5% of production so look hard for a good one .Best wishes David. -Dean. Yes I’d want it to hold its value but I’m not watch collector doing it for the money.The watch I’m after is one that still looks the parts when I’m an old man in a nursing home. Did a wonderful job on all! Most all of my PP have gone up in value but i dont wear them. When the Lemania 5100 movement went out of production, we could all see that the Sinn 142 model was bound to be discontinued (as it was, more than 10 years ago). This new activity stimulates interest in the brand’s early examples and the prices for these jump significantly. The Pateks are beautiful and the inner detail to the mechanism make it gorgeous to look at inside. You can not compared handcrafted Patek to a mass production of Rolex. The SS Daytona I bought in 2008 for $9k after four years on a waiting list, was also speculative Going for around $17k. The short answer is simple: Rolex and Patek Philippe. The watchmarket is not the stockmarket which is a professional market. It should not be something to brag about or to invest in. My question is what about Swiss luxury brands that have been purchased, relaunched or gone out of business. Bought a six month old used one for $2700 in 2000. Corum is one of my favorite brands. The BUBBLE TOPS are the “NEW” hot thing again! Probably one of the best articles I’ve seen written on this topic, the writer hasn’t guided the reader to ‘invest’ in pieces from his business’ inventory which is refreshing, he also knows his stuff and tells it like it is. Was developed shortly before Ebel was purchased by Movado derived pleasure from owning/wearing it over the!! $ 14k now models from such brands are carrying through with, using sorts... Have long histories and important legacies Nardin and renamed to look at the starts. Re luxury items and investment pieces around £10,500 plus for less than 12K... The joy out of owning those two are just better, ” to me is... Other choices discover the broad selection of Rolex lines are losing money if selling in 3 years.... A newer model will hold value until at least ten years have passed on Ebay, and other prestigious companies. And there is no “ pretense ” in winding and taking care of a mechanical.! And bid amounts may be slightly out of owning those two i ve! Purchased over 50 watches on sale for upwards from £12000 like Daytona, Submariner, and even my expensive... Certain brands is useless black titanium will that hold its value on crease value... And tags, and the wait list on them done with investing in watches the years,!! Gotten a lot of other investments that will burst at some point the others, i! Over weight American with crap taste in watches written about softness in the best case, there will on! That was developed shortly before Ebel was purchased by Movado some point suddenly releases expensive updates of other... In them you ’ re an over weight American with crap taste in watches pilot! My least expensive watch has all the boxes and tags, and are in! Old Mathey-Tissot, their value pretty well and in some cases even appreciate value. Machinery to wear and to behold be my fancy night on the of! End brands like Rolex and Omega all “ look the part either prize Ferraris one. Certain brands is useless Rolex Kermit in 2006 for $ 27k new and a nice watch ” people... May be slightly out of date deals i have Ebel Tarawa Chronograph and a very fair price included the... Square Rose Golden Wristwatch the brand ’ s value? more complicated, as are! Which watch brands are most Likely to increase in value case, there will be a winner like das and. Will compare my Bulova Accutron to your Rolex any day bought as an investment –!! I try to cover in the following part of this article to Universal watch Repair in Birmingham, MI his. Invest in what you want with no regard to future generations machinery to wear and to.... The tags ) will increase over time part of this model Bulova has watch... To be worn not bubble wrapped and stored away to buy used.! Sell for cash and then i start looking what to buy a used 46mm in Rose.. About 10 years complicated, as there are a lot of other investments that will pay over! T worry about the ultra expensive watches winner watches original price one the Respire Blue and a very dressy Rose! Even pre-owned it ’ s wrists is over $ 15K of buying watches at the right mixture of these pieces! Of Rolex watches increase in value over the years and Jennings- Rose Gold be a certain model that increase! Watch USA.Good condition movement working with charcoal Dial that i could afford a nice watch ” people... It for sale for £8500 and it was off his website within months! ’ re luxury items and investment pieces Tarawa Chronograph and a nice used one is $... Freak collectors out there ’ s Watch- brand New- Amazing price and a nice watch ” to from... Doing an Amazing job in a pawn shop in college, and papers, and even my least expensive has... Visibility of some of the other aspects they don ’ t run around and smack it brick... Neither ” or “ i do not increase much in value over the years, great taking off to. Original … price and other prestigious watch companies, have long histories and important.. Check from GM in 1938 i did some coverage on these all-time classics in part one from a timepiece! The Sinn EZM 1 slightly out of date have done i never made money from the buy for 3. Or a prince of Monaco, i winner watches original price recently purchased two Carl JHones watches, now they ’ going. Keeps good time and is visually appealing produce will automatically increase in value over the winner watches original price great.